St James 
West Tilbury, Essex    
© Nigel Anderson - St James Trust

The Stained Glass Windows

During the renovation of the church in 1879, all of the windows of the church were replaced. At a later stage some of these plain windows were replaced by stained glass. This was financed by donations from local parishioners and many of the windows are dedicated to the memory of relatives and the Rector who presided over the renovations James Bonamy Dobree.

Location of Windows

The coding system is based on that used in ‘Nineteenth Century Norfolk Stained Glass’ by Birkin Haward. All windows are numbered consecutively from east to west in any north or south facing wall. Windows of 2 and 3 lancet lights are shown as 2 and 3 light. Of the thirteen windows, eight of them have stained glass. If there is a + after the date then this is the dedication date. The remainder have the original Cathedral Glass from 1885.
 Window Date Lights Maker EW 1891+ 3 possible - Clayton & Bell NC1 1918+ 1 possible - T.F.Curtis Ward & Hughes SC1 1934 2 Charles E Moore SC2   1 possible - T.F.Curtis Ward & Hughes NN1 1885 2 n/a NN2 1885 2 n/a SN1 1919 2 T.F.Curtis Ward & Hughes SN2 1885 2 n/a SN3 1893 1 Ward & Hughes WT 1925+ 3 James Powell & Sons NT 1885 1 n/a NP 1885 2 n/a EP 1885 4 n/a